Thanks to my day job I just had the opportunity to spend a few days in Oregon.  After a couple of days of meetings I headed to the mountains to the east of Portland to see…

what I could see.  There were lots of evergreen trees, waterfalls and mountains.  I was lucky as the weather was unusually clear (per the residents) and so got to see much that is usually obscured by clouds or fog.

Multnomah Falls
I drove up the Larch Mountain Rd and then walked up to the Sherrard Viewpoint where I was able to see all 5 of the mountain tops in the vicinity.
Mt Hood
The next day I spent some time in Portland checking out the Japanese Gardens and the International Rose Test Gardens.
Then I headed for the coast on the rollercoaster Route 26 for the sunset.  I pulled into Cannon Beach and started walking.  The sunset was awesome!  And they have some BIG rocks on their beaches!!
I really want to go back to Oregon when I have more time!   This is one of the most diverse & beautiful parts of the US!
That’s all for now!
Turn that camera on!
Lynn W.

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