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Dubrovnik – Croatia and Slovenia Trip – Part 5 – 2023

The drive south from Trogir was quite long, so we arrived in Dubrovnik after dark.

We found the house we rented, pulled everything out of the cars, and walked up a lot of steps.  We were met at the house by the owner. He was an older gentleman who spent at least 30 minutes giving us a thorough rundown of everything in the house and how it all worked!  The 2 guys missed it all as parking is a problem in the city and they had to find a parking lot and walk back to the house!

I asked the owner about the house and it was originally built in the late 1600’s and was one of the first houses built outside of the walled city!  Fortunately, the house had been updated so we did have electricity, running water, and even an AC unit in my room!  😊

View of House #3 in Dubrovnik from the huge balcony! iPhone 14 Pro Max


View from the house we rented! We were only a short way from the walled city. iPhone 14 Pro Max


We unpacked, the guys made a grocery store run, and we did some downloading, then got some sleep.

All images were made with my Nikon Z8 and Z 24-200mm lens, unless otherwise noted.

When we woke up, it was raining, so we took our time with breakfast.  Eventually, the rain slowed down enough that we decided to go out with raincoats.  We walked down toward the walled city.

We walked around to one of the gates into the walled city.   Dubrovnik was a city-state and had to defend itself from many conquerors so cannon were needed!

Cannon overlooking the harbor.


The harbor at the walled city of Dubrovnik.


We went on to the main plaza in the city.

The main plaza in the walled city.

Then as we walked farther into the city we started running into the stairs that seemed to be part of every Croatian city!

One of the many narrow stairways that crossed the city.

Traversing these steps was stressful enough without the slippery rain but there were virtually no railings so I spent a lot of time hugging the walls for support so I would not slip!

Some of the steep stairways were adorned with plants.

Plant-filled stairway.


We found a set of stairs that took us up and we got a view of the beautiful red-tile rooftops!

Rooftops in the walled city.


We even found a rooftop basketball court with a view!

The view from the basketball court. Converted to a painterly look in Topaz Studio.


We were getting a bit peckish so even though it was early we stopped at a gelato shop on the plaza!  They had just dropped the pans of sorbet and gelato in the display freezer so I grabbed a shot before I asked for a couple of scoops of that orange sorbet!  Not sure if it was because I was so hungry but that was the best and most orangey and creamy sorbet I have ever tasted!

Frush Sorbet! Just before I got a scoop of the Orange! iPhone 14 Pro Max


We then walked out of the walled city to get a view from the adjacent cliffs.

View from a cafe at the head of a cove outside the walled city.


I climbed up higher for this view.


Looking the other way toward the everyday part of the city, I zoomed in to get a condensed view of the buildings that were outside the walled city.

Some of the buildings outside the walled city.


We walked back to the house for some lunch and did some downloading.  After lunch, Kresimer, who had been working all morning, decided to join us.  We walked back to the walled city and I grabbed one of the iconic shots of the Dubrovnik.

One of the entrance bridges to the walled city.


We went into the walled city again and took a few different streets/stairways.

Dubrovnik streets!


Kresimer took us through a hidden doorway that took us to a cafe that was on the side of the cliff!

View from the cafe on the outside of the walls of Dubrovnik.


From there we went to the huge cathedral. I was able to get some amazing images of the huge pipe organ and the very ornate altar.

Cathedral of Dubrovnik- Organ Loft


Cathedral of Dubrovnik – Main Altar


There were some interesting shops along our way this time.

Candies in the window!


A Rubber Ducky Store!


We then went back out of the walled city and Kresimer headed to a spot we had been to that morning but this time it was for a coffee break!  That is when I noticed a small tour group. Kresimer told us that this particular spot (among others in Dubrovnik) had been used as backdrops in The Game of Thrones series!  The tour guide had a book with scenes from the series and was showing her group where each scene had been made!

The wharf and cove used in The Game of Thrones series.


From there we walked to the eastern side of the walled city as it was getting toward sunset.  We did some wall scaling to get to a spot on the rocks to get a full view of the walled city. But it was worth it!

Dubrovnik at sunset!


We waited for the lights to come on after sunset!  Blue-hour was beautiful!

Blue hour!


Before we left I zoomed in to get some nighttime details.

Intimate cityscape.

We found some stairs that took us up through the wall that was behind us!  We walked back to the house, dropped off our gear, and took an Uber to the Yacht Club Orsan for dinner!  We ate out by the water!  The food was yummy and it is the first time I have been at a restaurant where they brought out blankets for the patrons!

Prosciutto is a Croatian thing and I love it so I had it whenever I saw it on the menu! iPhone 14 Pro Max


The city of Dubrovnik is a definite stop when in Croatia!  We only had one day there so I would recommend more time as there is so much to explore!

My next post will be back up the coast of Croatia where we stopped for a night at Zadar with a special stop along the way!!

To view larger versions of these images and many, many more and to purchase as prints or on other merchandise please visit my gallery: Dubrovnik

That is all for now!


Lynn Wiezycki

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