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Zadar, Croatia and the Road There! – Croatia and Slovenia Trip – Part 6 – 2023

As we headed back to northern Croatia, we stopped for a night in the city of Zadar.

But before getting to Zadar we stopped along the way at one of Croatia’s newest bridges.  We stopped there on the way south as well, so here are some images from our two visits to the overlook for the Pelješac Bridge in Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

On our way south we saw the Peljašac Bridge at night!  Nikon Z8 with Nikon Z 24-200mm lens


On our way north we saw the Pelješac Bridge in the morning!  Nikon Z8 with Nikon Z 24-200mm lens


We also noticed produce stands along the road so we stopped at one so we could pick up some fresh fruit.  We found so much more!

Fresh Produce from the area farms. iPhone 14 Pro Max.


Olive Oil from the local olive growers. iPhone 14 Pro Max


The woman running the stand was so nice!  She let us try her honey (we bought the best pomegranate honey) and I bought a jar of olives!  They were so good!

We arrived in Zadar mid-afternoon and decided to eat at the Restaurant Kastel in Hotel Bastion where we were staying.  We were the only guests so we got special attention from the wait staff.  They started us with a yummy appetizer.  The waiter, then pretty much gave us his life history!  He had been in the US  for a while so was eager to talk about that.

Yummy! iPhone 14 Pro Max


After we finished our late lunch, the waiter brought out an aperitif.  It was so fruity that no dessert was needed.  This was the first of our soon-to-be love affair with Croatian brandies and liqueurs!

We then checked into the Hotel Bastion, where I immediately found a cool spiral staircase, that I had to shoot!

Spiral Staircase in Hotel Bastion, Zadar – iPhone 14 Pro Max


Hotel Bastion, Zadar – Our 4th Home  — iNikon Z8 with Nikon Z 24-200mm lens


For the remainder of the afternoon, we wandered around the city of Zadar.

A narrow street in Zadar. Nikon Z8 with Nikon Z 24-200mm lens


The main attraction in Zadar is the Sea Organ.  We were not sure what to expect.  We walked out to the waterfront and saw folks sitting around.  Turns out there is a large concrete wharf under which they have built an apparatus that makes sounds as the waves flow under the wharf.

Here is how it sounded:

It reminds me of whale sounds!

We then visited the Cathedral of St Anastasia.  The inside was beautiful.

Organ Loft of the Cathedral of St Anastasia. Zadar. iPhone 14 Pro Max


There was a lower floor in the cathedral we found interesting!

Crypt under the Cathedral of St Anastasia – iPhone 14 Pro Max


Back out on the street, we headed for the main square.

The main thoroughfare through the old city of Zadar. iPhone 14 Pro Max


We headed back to the hotel where I took a look at the side of the peninsula that the city sits on.  I saw a special taxi that was taking folks going home from work, across the water.

Row Boat Taxi – Zadar  Nikon Z8 with Nikon Z 24-200mm lens


Since we had eaten so late in the afternoon we decided to have a couple of drinks at the hotel lounge and call it a night!

A bit of wine before bed! iPhone 14 Pro Max


Zadar is another interesting Croatian city.  We were only there a few hours so I would recommend at least a day or two to see much more than we did.

We got up the next morning and drove to what would turn out to be my favorite part of Croatia, Rovinj!

My next post will be about part of the four days we spent in and around Rovinj.

To view larger versions of these images and many, many more and to purchase as prints or on other merchandise please visit my gallery:   Croatia Misc and  Zadar

That is all for now!



Lynn Wiezycki

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