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New Mexico Adventure- A Bit Farther

On my adventure to New Mexico, I spent 9 days with 5 photographers & all we did was shoot!  We got very little sleep but it was worth it.  We rented a very nice house in Placitas (great hosts) and forayed

 out from there every day but one when we camped overnight in Chaco Canyon.   Jim Sykes, our friend & guide (he’s been going to NM for 20 years) took us to so many places that it is hard to remember them all EXCEPT we took loads of images!
We had mountain day, church day, shopping day and a desert day among others!  We ate some awesome fiery food!  We saw hummingbirds, orioles & deer in the backyard.
We put over 1000 miles on that darn (killed my back) mini-van we rented.  It had so much dirt & dust on it that it was another color when we returned it.
The only problem we had was the wildfires that were flaring up all over Arizona & new Mexico.
We were unable to go to 2-3 places Jim wanted to go because of the wildfires.  There were also a lot of restrictions — we had to use a camp stove in Chaco Canyon as there could be no open flames.
In Chaco Canyon is was so dark that star shots was possible.  In the image below the lights from the restrooms in the campground actually lit up the red stone cliffs that were in front of us.  When those lights were off you could not see your hand in front of your face it was so dark!
 Chaco Canyon starlight
 New Mexico vista


All in all we all had a very good time and got some great images.  New Mexico is another of the beautiful parts of the US.
To see these and additional images from this trip please visit my New Mexico gallery.
That’s all for now.


Lynn Wiezycki

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