With a bit of driving to the northeastern part of Yellowstone National Park we arrived in Lamar Valley where the “buffalo roam”!   Lamar Valley is an immense green valley that we were only able to drive through a portion of.  On our way over the pass into the valley we saw the day’s first bison!  

A large bull bison was taking his time walking on the road on the lane going out of the valley.   There was a long line of cars behind him as he took the “easy” route out of the valley!

Lamar Valley

We were not in the valley for very long before we ran into the first bison backup!   There was a large herd along the roadside.

Bull Bison expressing his displeasure with all the people watching his herd!

Some of the bison were right along the road.  I could have touched one that was eating the tender plants along the road.

Bison among the Posies!

The bison roll in the dust spots and raise up clouds of dust across the valley.   They drank water from the Lamar River that flows through the valley.

Bison in Lamar Valley

As we drove through the valley I pulled out the infrared converted camera to get some images.

Infrared image of a herd of bison.

The landscape here was perfect for infrared!

Infrared – clouds & trees!

As we were almost out of the valley we finally saw some pronghorns up close.  We had seen herds of them several times while we were in Montana but they were always too far away.

Pronghorn along a ridge

We were not lucky enough to see other wildlife that is known to wander about Lamar Valley.  If you are lucky who might see wolves, elk and bears in this immense valley.

I would love to go back someday and try to be there early in the morning and late in the day, which is when the wildlife is the most active.

I highly recommend the drive out to this wonderful place that is full of wildlife!  It is so big!   It is overwhelming!   Impossible to photograph and show the feeling of all that land!

That is all for now!


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