The Devil’s Golf Course is actually a real place in Death Valley!   This is a must see part of this vast valley!   It is along the main road through the valley.  I certainly would not want to play golf in this place!

I will leave it to the devil & his friends!


The Devil’s Golf Course is part of the salt flats in Death Valley.    After the infrequent rains the salt dries and the crystals push up out of the ground and form these structures that can be as high as 2 feet!

These structures look delicate but they are not!   In fact, there are crystals sticking up that can cut you if you kneel or lean on them with your hand!

The day we were at the Devil’s Golf Course the winds were blowing in gusts of 40-50 MPH.   Winds like this and mountains are a perfect setup for lenticular clouds!   We had seen some forming earlier in the day but while we were at this location the clouds really started getting more concentrated.   Using my new Nikon 16-35mm lens gave me the width of view that made these clouds so spectacular!   We don’t have these type clouds in Florida so I was thrilled to see them in combination with these really interesting salt formations!

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