Florida Polytechnic University IST Building is not only different on the outside, it is also very different on the inside.  I had photographed the outside several times before I decided

it was time to go for the interior!

IST Building- Wide Angle lens shot

We arrived early on a weekend morning and took a few exterior images and then made our way to the end where the doors are.   We had seen a few students going in and out but were not sure if it would be open.  We found that it was open and so proceeded to go into the lobby where we were finally able to shoot the really cool staircase that we had been seeing through the windows.

Looking up staircase in lobby.

I was lying on the floor and shooting up the staircase when a security guard came down the stairs!  I thought, okay, this is it, we are done, but he stopped & apologized for being in my way and told us to enjoy photographing the building!   We had experienced the same friendliness and accommodation when outside, but was thrilled that they were just as nice about the inside!

I turned around and shot up toward the skylight for the following image!

Looking straight up!

Then we went up the stairs to the “library”!   There are no books!   All are digital.  So the main room consisted of tables & seating for an individual to multi-person groupings.   They use furniture that is very modern and sleek.   There were areas to play chess and other games and carrels where a small group could gather and talk.   This was not like my college library, that was for sure!

We wandered around and took advantage of the many lines and abstract forms this unique interior gave us to shoot!

A different kind of hallway!

Some info from Wikipedia on Florida Polytechnic University IST Building:

Florida Polytechnic University IST Building [edit]

The 162,000-square-foot IST Building is the University’s main facility. It houses 26 classrooms, 11 innovation laboratories, auditoriums and other meeting rooms.[29] The building is also home to the school’s digital library.

Designed by Spanish architect Dr. Santiago Calatrava, the building includes 94 robotic louvers on the roof that move to accommodate changing sunlight patterns.[30][31]

Digital Library[edit]

Florida Poly’s IST Building includes a bookless library where students can access more than 135,000 digital titles on their choice of reader, tablet or laptop.[32][33] Students still have access to librarians and a reference desk to receive tutoring, resources and training to manage digital materials.[34] Hard copy books can be requested on loan from libraries at Florida’s 11 other public universities.

Supercomputer and Student Data Center Lab[edit]

Florida Poly’s Supercomputer is a high-performance, high-speed and high-capacity IBM computer that is six feet tall and covers the length of the room that it occupies in the IST Building. The Lab allows for high-speed computing, information mapping, academic initiative computing,|data digestion and interactive visualization interfaces.[8]

Rapid Application Development (RAD) Makerspace Lab[edit]

The RAD Makerspace Lab is an interdisciplinary environment with 55 3-D printers, digital scanners, AutoCAD software and RAD technology for software development. This Lab includes core engineering, computer engineering, and computer science fields of study and advanced prototyping and adaptive manufacturing technology and techniques.[35]


The Florida Polytechnic University IST building in Lakeland, Florida is a must see if you are traveling between Orlando & Tampa or just in the Central Florida area.

For more images of this iconic building please check out my website.

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