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The Netherlands – Keukenhof Gardens – A Whole Lot Farther- Part 1

If you are going to Europe this spring or are thinking about it, a must see place in The Netherlands is Keukenhof Gardens.   This is a large garden park that is a short way…

from Amsterdam.   It is only open for about 8 weeks a year while the flowers are blooming.  Be ready for lots of flowers & lots of people!

From the many designed gardens to the multiple greenhouses, this garden is a photographer’s paradise!   The colors are almost overwhelming.

These gardens are changing from day to day so you almost feel like you must run around and catch as much as you can because it might not be there the next day!

While Holland is known for tulips, Keukenhof Gardens grows and shares so much more.   There are daffodils, hyacinths, Gerbera Daisies, lilies, orchids, hydrangeas to name only a few.   They have many varieties of each type of flower.

There are conservatories, greenhouses, and numerous gardens to intrigue and entertain you.   The park is so large that it is definitely a multiple-day kind of place!   I could have spent hours in each of the main areas!

Since it is only open for the few weeks that the flowers are blooming, the crowds are tremendous.  We found that if we got there early we were able to get some wide-angle images before the people arrived.

They change the displays on the main conservatory as the flowers fade.  There are specialty displays as those flowers come into bloom.  While we were there, they had tables covered with lilies!

The Orchid House was so full of orchids that it was hard to decide what to make images of.

Keukenhof Gardens is a terrific place for photographers and non-photographers alike…but be ready to spend a lot of time as there is that much to see & experience!

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Lynn Wiezycki

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