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Brooksville Raid 2016 – Civil War Re-enactment

Florida has many Civil War & other reenactments but the Brooksville Raid  is one of the big ones.   There are several hundred reenactors & thousands of spectators, many of whom are photographers.   The physical location of this annual event attracts many.   The venue is large and it is located…

within a reasonable drive from many of Central Florida’s major cities!    The event is based on a Civil War battle that occurred in July 1864.

The Union Line firing at will.




The battle is a large production with many units, horses & artillery.


Confederate horse soldiers


Confederate battle line


Be sure to check out the 2 encampments.  The Confederate camp is very large and the Union camp is almost as big.   There are many scenes and objects to see & photograph in the camps.





They even have created some scenarios where the re-enactors participate in activities that could have happened back in the day.  They have done research and try to keep these looks into the past as authentic as they can.

The Pay Master

The people who do all this are my favorite subjects.   They spend so much time, effort and money to make this all as true to life as they can.   Most are very accommodating when we are running around with our cameras.  So I thank them and ask them to keep the history alive for all of us!




Embedded Reporter


The re-enactments in Florida and in other states are great events to visit & enjoy.   They are a great outdoor adventure for kids of all ages!    For a schedule of events in Florida go to the the state website.

For more of my images from the Brooksville Raid & others,  please check out my website The Illuminating Lens.

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