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Newlin Grist Mill Park – Glen Mills, PA – 2022 – Part 1

Upon arriving in Philadelphia, PA in April 2022,  the first thing my two photographer friends and I had to do was stop for a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich.  One of the guys made a phone call to a Philly ex-pat friend back in FL and got a couple of suggestions.  We ended up at Leo’s Steak Shop.  A walk-up and order kind of place, we ordered their large sandwich with the intent to share it between the 3 of us.  The sandwich was huge!

Arm-Length Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich


We proceeded to chow down on the sandwich and there was enough left for one more person!

After eating the obligatory sandwich, we headed in the direction of the house we had rented but decided to make a stop as we could not check in until later in the day.

I had done some map scouting and found what looked like an interesting park not too far off the road we were taking.  Newlin Grist Mill Park is in Glen Mills, PA.

Details from Wikipedia

The Newlin Mill Complex, also referred to as The Newlin Grist Mill, is a water-powered gristmill on the west branch of Chester Creek near Concordville, Pennsylvania was built in 1704 by Nathaniel and Mary Newlin and operated commercially until 1941. During its three centuries of operation, the mill has been known as the Lower Mill, the Markham Mill, the Seventeen-O-Four Mill, and the Concord Flour Mill. In 1958 the mill property was bought by E. Mortimer Newlin, restored, and given to the Nicholas Newlin Foundation to use as a historical park. Water power is still used to grind corn meal which is sold on site. The park includes five historical buildings, which were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983, and 150 acres (61 ha) of natural woodland.

Our Visit

When we arrived the weather was dreary and cold but we were determined to make the most of it… a good thing as it was like this most of the time were in PA!

We took a look at the information sign and decided to take the trail toward the waterfall. I had decided to only carry one camera and lens so I had grabbed the Nikon Z7 and the Nikon Z 24-70mm f4 lens.

Information on Newlin Grist Mill Park


One of the historic buildings was the first thing we found and we spent several minutes wandering around it and getting some images.

Blacksmith Shop – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


As we walked down the trail I began to see small spring flowers scattered about.

Bloodroot – The Nikon Z7 with the Z 24-70mm f4 lens does a great job on close-ups!


Lanceleaf Springbeauty – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


There were puddles all around and I can’t resist them when there is something nearby that is reflecting in them.

Tree Reflection – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens.


We began to hear the sound of the waterfall and as we came around the trail I saw the stepping stones that crossed the stream below the falls.

Steooing Stones – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens.


The waterfall was only about 4 feet tall but quite wide so I found a rock in the stream and got down low.  Using a Platypod for support,  I did a long exposure to capture the falls but also the almost boiling-like effect the water was creating at the base of the falls.

Long Exposure (1/6s and f22) on Platypod – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


I zoomed in a bit more to get this image.

Bubbling water – (1/6s at f22) Nikon Z7 with 24-70mm lens.


We decided to head back down the trail and check out the old buildings across the street but I captured a couple more images along the way.

Hanging On – Nikon Z7 with z 34-70mm lens.


Cherry Tree Reflection – Nikon Z7 with 24-70mm lens.

This one cherry tree was a preview of what was to come on our adventures around this area of Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Across the street, there was the grist mill, house, and barn.  None of the buildings were open so I concentrated on windows, details, and a slightly different view of the house.

House – sky replaced with Luminar AI.  Nikon Z7 with 24-70mm lens.


Reflection of the house in grist mill window – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens.


There were several old grist stones outside the mill and I used one for this different view of the house.

Through the Grist Stone – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens.


I once again began peering closer for interesting details.

Daffodil Awakening – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens.


Then, finding some interesting small items, I moved them to interesting backgrounds.  That is allowed, you know!

Autumn Leaf on a Grist Stone – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens.


Three on a Stump – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens.

There were some small yellow flowers and a  lot of walnut shells around so I just had to do this!

Nature in a Nutshell! Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens.


It was getting late so we headed back to the SUV.  As the others were loading up I noticed a garden in front of the visitor center that was full of dead plants.  I just had to stop and make some images of one of my favorite subjects, dead flower heads.

Spiky – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens


Highlighted Edges – Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens.


You must eat at least one Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich when in the Philadelphia area and you should visit Newlin Grist Mill Park.  I would imagine it would be absolutely gorgeous in the fall!

Click on any image to see a larger version OR visit my gallery to see and purchase prints and other items with these and additional images: Newlin Grist Mill Park

My next blog post will be on our visit to the stately and beautiful Winterthur Museum and Garden in Winterthur, Nemours Estate and Brandywine Park in Delaware.

That is all for now.


Lynn Wiezycki

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