After getting the early morning mountain reflection on Sprague Lake (see Part 1), we noticed there was another good-sized lake, Lily Lake, not too far from where we were staying.


This lake is in a section of Rocky Mountain National Park that is off to the side of the main park, not too far from Estes Park, CO.

First attempt

We got up one morning and drove over to Lily Lake but like our second try at Sprague Lake, the wind was kicking up the surface and we found we were a bit too late as well for the sunrise light on the rocks.

I was able to get a long exposure that smoothed the water a bit but the mountain was just not very picturesque. There is a trail that goes all around the lake. Most of it is pretty flat so it was a nice walk around to enjoy nature.

Second attempt

We decided to try again another day (this is the benefit of staying in one area for a week). This time we left much earlier and were fortunate that the wind was minimal.

We caught the sunrise just right but had to work quickly as is does not last for long. The light changes color as the sun rises.

Across the Road

Once the beautiful sunlight stopped lighting up Lily Lake we headed across the road to an area that was covered with aspens that had started to change to that golden fall yellow.

Aspens are one of my favorite trees to shoot. I especially like the white trunks so I always try to get an interesting image of the trunks as well as the golden leaves!

Always be on the look-out for areas and landscapes that are not on the top of the list for regular visitors. There were very few people at Lily Lake as it appeared to be more of a “locals” spot for a pleasurable hike around the lake.

I highly recommend a stop at Lily Lake but to get that great reflection, be sure to get there very early and walk around the lake to get the best view for that time of year.

Please check out my gallery for these images and many more.

That is all for now and completes the series on my Colorado trip.


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