There is a part of Acadia National Park that is very popular with visitors and locals.   The massive granite & basalt rocks of Schoodic Point exemplify what Maine is, in my mind!  The Atlantic Ocean is right there splashing up against

and over the rocks!  The folks that were visiting the day we were there brought out chairs and picnics and sat and watched the waves!

The waves & weather have worn down the rocks creating cracks and crevices where lichens and plants manage to survive!  This is always something I am attracted to…Seeing how life manages to thrive in places that don’t seem to be conducive to life!

The rocky edges of Schoodic Point give a place for the waves to hit & creates the artist shapes and forms of water flying through the air.   It was a challenge to catch them at the peak of action!

The shapes where a surprise!  Even circles!!

We had the opportunity to eat lunch on the rocks.   We had the best Lobster Roll of the whole trip while hanging out by the ocean!  Yum!!  They were from The Pickled Wrinkle in Birch Harbor!

After lunch we spent some more time chasing waves!   The wind was blowing and the air was cool coming off the Atlantic.   Several sailboats sailed by!

As I waited for the others to finish up shooting I found a convenient crevice that had some warm rocks and hung out, out of the wind!  Kind of like a lizard!!

Afterwards we treated ourselves to Blueberry Sundaes!   A yummy end to a great day out on the rocks & ocean!

Be sure to check out this area when you visit Acadia National Park!

To see these & more images of Schoodic Point please visit my gallery.

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