Eagle Lake  – Acadia National Park – Maine – Part 1

Eagle Lake – Acadia National Park – Maine – Part 1

I was looking forward to our trip to Maine ever since A.D. Wheeler and I got talking about it early in 2016.   He found a house to rent for the week and put the word out to our Arcanum family that we were looking for a few intrepid photographers to join us for a week of wandering around Acadia National Forest and the surrounding area.    We were joined by Mary Presson Roberts, Greg Croasdil & Mitch Russo plus our artist and budding photographer (and darn good chef), Danielle.   We all arrived on a Saturday in August to balmy weather, a little too close to the weather at home in Florida, for me!   Anyway, once we all got settled – which when there is a shoot about to happen did not take long – we headed out to a lake not too far from where we were staying.   Eagle Lake is a large lake,