After two trips to Cape Coral, FL looking for Burrowing Owls babies, we finally found some!  

We had found many nests that appeared to be active previously but actually seeing the babies gives us great joy that more owlets have been hatched!,


We found 2 nests with owlets that are a few weeks to a couple of weeks old.    The adults were busy getting food and the owlets would run up to them to get fed.  We also saw the female grooming the babies and one of the older owlets even groomed the adult!


There are usually 4-5 owlets in each burrow.  Hopefully most of them make it!

The very young owlets don’t look too much like owls at this point, they are still in that grey fluffy stage.  The parents are very wary when people get near the burrow.   We sat on the ground with our tripods and cameras placed very low and waited until the adults felt that we were not a threat and eventually the owlets came out of the burrow.


We only stayed by the nests for a short time to make sure that the adults and therefore the owlets were not stressed by our presence.

Cape Coral, FL is the place for Burrowing Owls!    Building had slowed down but is now getting going again so we are a bit concerned for the future of these little owls.   Many of the burrows are on vacant lots in housing developments.   The Cape Coral folks are pretty protective but progress usually trumps nature.   It will be interesting to see how things are going in a year.

If you are in the Cape Coral, FL area be on the look out for the nesting areas, indicated by white PVC posts, a mound of sand and perches.   Be respectful and be aware of the stress level of the birds when you approach.

For more images of Burrowing Owls please check out my website.

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