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Letchworth State Park, NY- A Bit Farther

One of the really cool things about getting to be a part of The Arcanum has been the friendships I have made via the Internet with other photographers!   We get to know each other helping with preps for critiques and Google hangouts.   But the best part has been getting to meet and hangout with some of these folks in person.  I made the trip from Florida to New York to join some of my fellow apprentices and my Arcanum Master, A.D. Wheeler, for  several days of shooting in the NE.   We started our adventure at Letchworth State Park in Genesee Falls, New York.

When I told my mom, who is from Upper State NY, that

I was going to this park, she told me about going there as a girl and how they called it the Grand Canyon of the NE!   Within a few minutes of arriving in the park, I could see why!

I know these canyons are not as deep as the real Grand Canyon but for this Florida girl, who is used to very flat places, these cliffs were deeeep!

The waterfalls were spectacular!   There are a number of them from one end of the park to the other.

We did some climbing down to get to the bottom of some of the falls but that meant climbing back up!   Being with a mixed age group made me so aware of how out of  shape I was, that as soon as I got home I signed up for a local gym and have been working on my cardio and stamina ever since!   Carrying that camera gear and a tripod takes a lot out of you and a place like this puts you to the test!  But, the scenery is well worth it  and I will be really ready for our next adventure coming up later this year.  Letchworth State Park is a definite must see if you are in Upper State NY.  We were there in the spring but I would imagine it is a whole other place in the fall!

For more images from our visit to Letchworth State Park for this waterfall extravaganza please take a look at my website.

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Lynn Wiezycki

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