A relatively recent addition to the Topaz Labs group of plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom and stand-alone, is Topaz Glow.    This is an interesting, line enhancing, plug-in.  I have used it in many ways on various subjects.

It can be used to it’s extreme or very subtly.


This was a bit of an extreme usage contrasting with the more subtle use below.




Take a look at the following short tutorial for a demonstration of how I use this plug-in.



I have used Topaz Glow on all types of subjects from landscapes to people but my favorite subjects to use it with are animals & birds.

The 3 presets “fur & feathers”, using the Overlay Blend Mode and reducing the Strength to about 30%, give fur and feathers just a kick of contrast that makes the texture of the fur or feathers just pop!






Topaz Glow works well with architecture, also.   The addition of this plug-in accentuates the lines & curves.



Flower photography is another subject that this plug-ons works miracles on.   Water drops are way more pronounced with a slight application of Topaz Glow!


The many lines of this plant were enhanced by Topaz Glow!



Topaz Glow is one of my favorite post-processing plug-ins, ever since it came out.  If you are into doing any photo post- processing I would highly recommend trying this plug-in.  The best thing is you can get a free download and give it a try to see if like it!

That is all for now!


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