We always try to travel light when on the road but be sure you don’t get in a situation where you are on a trip either very far from home or just far enough from home and your camera malfunctions or is stolen or damaged.  I recently went to an event about 3 hours from home and

went through 3 cameras in the course of the day.    My expensive DLSR made it through several hours and then malfunctioned to the point of being nonfunctional.  I, fortunately, had thrown my small mirrorless (Nikon 1 V3 Digital Camera with 1 NIKKOR 10-30mm PD-Zoom Lens)  in my back pack for wide angles since I was shooting with a long telephoto on the DLSR.  Well, next thing you should do is check the batteries for your backup camera as this one only lasted about 20 minutes!   And I left home without my backup battery for this camera!

DSLR Image


Nikon 1 V3 image

I gave up on shooting the rest of the event but after sitting for 5 minutes and watching everyone around me shoot, I pulled out my iPhone 6s and finished up the event with it’s camera.    The images from the mirrorless and iPhone were not the quality of the DSLR, obviously, but at least I have images of the moments that I wanted to shoot.

iPhone 6s image

So always plan for the worse case scenario.  Charge your batteries, bring extra batteries and bring a backup camera and don’t forget that Smart Phone if all else fails.

That all is for now!


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