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A Week in the Great Smokey Mountains – A Bit Farther

I am just back from a week in the Great Smokey Mountains, one of my favorite places, especially in the fall!   This year,  no snow!  It was a bit too warm for that but still got some great shots of the fall colors!   This is the busiest

national park in the US, but it is not to be missed! 


The elk were on the NC side of the park.  They were very close and were going through some very interesting behaviors while we watched them.  There were several bulls, cows and yearlings in several herds.  Many of the elk have radio collars which the biologists use to track them through the park. 

We had a lot of rain  which was great for the waterfalls and streams but also got some fog (smokey part of Great Smokey Mountains) and great low lying clouds.  We spent some time at various streams & waterfalls which are always a great place to try long exposures.  I used my Variable ND filter to do the long exposures which allows for that smooth flowing look.

The Great Smokey Mountains National Park is the busiest national park in the US but even though there were deer jams, turkey jams and even a bear jam with all the cars driving the loop, it is still worth the trip!  We found a few out of the way places that were off the main road to shoot.  But with some patience and good timing even this busy park can look desolate & wild. 

Sunrise in Cades Cove

We were fortunate to be there when much of the color was at its peak.   Shooting autumn colors is always a bit of a luck thing.    Last year it snowed!

A View of a Winding Mountain Road

This is a destination that every photographer should shoot.  And even non-photographers will enjoy the scenery!

The Mill at Cades Cove

For these images and many more from my Great Smokey Mountain trip please take a look at my gallery!
That is all for now! 

Lynn Wiezycki

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