You know you take the things & places close by for granted sometimes!   Hillsborough River State Park is only a few minutes from me & I have not visited the park in quite awhile so I spent

a couple of hours there recently.  With all the rain we have received this summer (sorry to all of you in the drought stricken areas) a good bit of the park was under water but it also created an actual “rapids” in the rocky part of the river which is usually just water slowly flowing past some rocks! 

I was not there at the best time for light, mid-day, so I decided to do some long exposures.   The moving water turns to silk with this method of shooting.  I used a 9 stop variable neutral density filter to get the long exposure even in the bright light.  I used my tripod to & wireless shutter release to keep the camera still for the long exposure. 

 With all the green and great tree shapes this was a terrific place to use my Infrared converted camera as well.  

If you haven’t been to a Florida state park lately, I highly recommend Hillsborough River State Park or any other park near you.  You get to experience the “Real Florida” at these beautiful places across our state!
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