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Lonaconing MD – A Silk Mill Adventure – A Bit Farther

Here are a few images from a recent trip to the NE, specifically to the abandoned silk mill in Lonaconing MD.  This is a photographer’s paradise as there are so many things to shoot.   This place was closed suddenly inAugust, 1957 and much of what was there that day is still there.  The gentleman who is trying to keep the place from falling down will allow photographers in for $100 for 4 hours each.   He uses the money to buy wood and other materials to use in repairs.  If you are interested in visiting the mill call:   Herb Crawford at 301-268-1168.

Those 4 hours I was there went by in a flash!   There was so much to see and record!

 The outside of this Lonacoing MD building is as interesting as the inside!   I wandered around and found some interesting windows & plants.

There are thousands spools everywhere!   I could imagine the silk threads strung around this immense room!

Spools with guides for the silk thread.

The immensity of this place is hard to describe!   There are so many types of machines it is a bit overwhelming!

As I wandered through the 3 floors, I wondered what it must have been like to work here.  The sound of all this metal moving must have been incredible.   The air must have been full of dust from all that silk moving through the machines!  The floors must have vibrated constantly!

These images give only a small idea of what this enormous mill was all about.    It has to be seen to be appreciated!  Make the trip to Lonaconing MD, you will be glad you did!

To see more images of this fascinating place, please visit my Lonaconing Silk Mill Gallery

If you are interested in visiting the mill call:   Herb Crawford at 301-268-1168.

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Lynn Wiezycki

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