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Minnehaha and Anna Ruby Falls, N Georgia – Day 4 – 2022

For our last day in north Georgia, we were back to the waterfall adventure.  We headed out to visit three of the waterfalls, two of which are a couple of my favorites, Minnehaha and Anna Ruby.

The drive to Minnehaha goes along the winding road that hugs the shoreline of Lake Rabun. Once we arrived at the tiny parking area, we grabbed our gear and made the relatively short climb up the trail to the falls.  I have visited these falls several times and it is one of my favorites!  It is not the tallest or the loudest but there is something about the location and the shape of the falls that appeals to my senses!  I have two images I have taken at different times on my walls of Minnehaha!

We spread out, some with their waders.  The water flow was lower than I have seen it but I was still able to make some great images!

Minnehaha up close. Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens.


I am always looking for that S-shaped flow.

Minnehaha – even closer! Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens.


Since the leaves were not as colorful I decided to process one as Black and White!

Minnehaha in B & W.  Nikon Z7 with Z 24-70mm lens.


When we finished up at Minnehaha we drove to the Panther Falls Trailhead but it was closed due to recent damage to the trail and a bridge.  We stopped for some lunch and then drove to Anna Ruby Falls.

Anna Ruby Falls is in the Anna Ruby Falls Recreation Area.  There is a gift shop and restrooms at the trailhead.  This trail is somewhat steep (a little slippery when wet) but it is paved all the way to the double falls at the top. There are so many small cascades and little falls along the trail that it always takes me a while to get to the top.

It was a pretty rainy day so I did not need my neutral density filter at all, which is a plus!  I pulled out my Nikon D850 and my Nikon F 16-35mm lens since it was raining so much (this camera body can take the wet weather just fine).

Anna Ruby Falls – some of the cascades on the way up to the double falls. Nikon D850 with 16-35mm lens.

I was looking for eddies to photograph hoping for that swirl but the water was pretty low.  I settled for the curves and turns of multiple rivulets doing a long exposure to get that nice smooth look and very white water so it stood out in the rocks.

Anna Ruby Falls – rivulets on the way up the trail.


I finally made it to the top and captured the double falls in the pouring rain!

These double falls make up the ultimate Anna Ruby Falls.

As I walked back down the trail (again very slippery when it is raining), I had to pull out the iPhone 14 Pro Max and try a few multiple exposures.

Multiple Exposure image on the trail to Anna Ruby Falls.


Multiple Exposure image along the Anna Ruby Falls trail.


As I walked toward the trailhead I kept an eye on the rivulets and finally found a spot where some water was swirling.  Using a 13-sec shutter at f 22 I was able to capture this swirl in the water!  This turned out to be my last image and my favorite of the entire trip!

Long Exposure (13 sec) to get the cotton candy look and the swirl in the eddy.


This was the end of our 4 days of Waterfalls Plus Adventures!   Minnehaha and Anna Ruby Falls are two of the more accessible and beautiful waterfalls in north Georgia.  I highly recommend a visit to both of them.

This area of north Georgia and south North Carolina are known for their waterfalls.  There are many more waterfalls in the area that we did not visit this time.  All other the falls we visited are listed on Google so they are easy to find.

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My next blog will be on another truly awesome adventure, this time in Utah!

That is all for now!


Lynn Wiezycki

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