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Seahouses Cliffs and Inner Farne, England – Day 5 – 2022

In locations with drastic lighting differences, it is always a good idea to visit at different times of the day to take advantage of the varied lighting.  So we decided to visit the Seahouses Cliffs again (see Day 3 for the afternoon visit).  This time it would be in the morning light!

I made most of the images with my Nikon D850 with the Nikon 200-500mm lens but a few were made with my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

We walked through Seahouses and out to the cliffs where, primarily, Kittiwakes nest.   The cliffs were in shade but it was a brighter day so shooting was a bit easier.  I again was looking for some kittiwake interactions to try to get those very colorful mouths in my image!  I did not have to wait long as the birds were being very lively and complaining to each other!

Noisey Neighborhood- Kittiwakes


Some Very Loud Complaining! Kittiwakes


I walked out along the cliff edge and across the golf course and found this rocky shore now that it was low tide!

Rocky shore below one of the greens on the Seahouses Golf Course. iPhone 12 Pro Max


There were also swallows flying around as we walked along the cliffs.  Swallows are small and very fast so I was thrilled when I caught one as it flew by!

A Very Fast Swallow! Stopped!


We walked back through the village and grabbed some lunch before getting back to the harbor for our afternoon boat ride to Inner Farne!

My goal for this day’s hour on the island was to look for more chicks and try to get some of the other birds in flight!

As usual, the Arctic Terns were on the pecking rampage as we walked past their nests (unavoidable, unfortunately)!   There were even more chicks walking around the nesting area than the day before!

Arctic Tern Chick


Taking a Walk! Arctic Tern Chick


Once I got through the Arctic Tern gauntlet I looked around for some other birds in flight!

Sandwich Tern with fish!


I did find some more different chicks!

Kittiwake and Chick


Guillemots and their fuzzy chicks.


I was still checking burrows for Puffin chicks but only found adults watching me!

Pair of Atlantic Puffins in their burrow.


On each visit to Inner Farne, I had watched as the Black Headed Gulls had harassed and chased the Puffins as they brought a beak-full of sand eels back to their burrow.  I finally caught that action!

Black Headed Gull chasing a Puffin for its food!


I again looked up for those fast birds in flight!

Arctic Tern Head-On


Terns are known for the Angel Wings look!

Arctic Tern slowing down in the Angel Wing look.


As I came back around to the Arctic Tern nesting area, I captured that “tern look” as they are about to fly up and peck you in the head!

Mad Arctic Tern! I was not that close – telephoto closeup!


As I walked toward the boat landing, I saw a couple of Arctic Terns fighting overhead!

Fighting Arctic Terns 1


Arctic Terns Fighting 2


This was another very interesting and productive hour on Inner Farne!

We had one more day left of our workshop!  We were hoping to finally land on Staple Island and make one last visit to Inner Farne!

Click on any image to see a larger version OR visit my galleries to see and purchase prints and other items with these and many additional images: Gallery Links –  Inner Farne Islands and  Seahouses Cliffs

My next blog will be Day 6, our final day, with another visit to Inner Farne and finally, to Staple Island!

That is all for now!


Lynn Wiezycki

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