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Boone Hall Plantation and other locations near Charleston, SC – Day 2 – 2021

Our second day in the Charleston, SC area was by far our busiest! We made plans to visit several places so we got up early and drove to…

Boone Hall Plantation for an early morning shoot! I had seen images of the iconic drive leading into the plantation and I had an idea for an image of my own!

When we arrived I pulled out my new favorite prop, a rainbow umbrella!

I asked my friend to walk down the drive with the umbrella. My favorite image was this one!

We then drove on to the plantation and spent a couple of hours exploring the gardens and taking a tour of the plantation house.

Like Magnolia Plantation (Day 1), the predominant flowers were camellias but I did find a few other pretty species to shoot!


From there we drove east toward the coast and visited the Angel Oak Tree on Johns Island. This is an ancient, huge oak tree! It was so large it was impossible for me to get the whole tree in one image even with my super wide-angle lens!

Angel Oak – Infrared
Crown of the Angel Oak.

From there we drove to the coast and then up to Morris Island Lighthouse.

This lighthouse is out on an island so you park your vehicle back at the entrance to the Lighthouse Inlet Heritage Preserve and then walk about a mile or so out to the shore. There is an old paved road through the park but over the years the local graffiti artists have used the pavement as their canvas!

The lighthouse is somewhat offshore but the dead trees along the shore helped to add some interest to my images.

From there, we headed back to Charleston for some sunset shooting at the Ravenel Bridge. We had done some scouting earlier in the day and decided that the Mt Pleasant side of the bridge was the way to go!

Scouting image with clouds!

As the sun started to set I found a couple of spots to shoot the bridge from.

This next image was my favorite image for the evening! No clouds but the colors were amazing!

We went back over the bridge to check out Charleston at night.

We found some more Charleston Pineapples!

I found a couple of other things to shoot.

By this time we were exhausted so we headed back to the vehicle and drove back to the condo.

These are all fantastic locations to visit. For more info please check out their websites. Boone Hall Plantation, Angel Oak Tree, Morris Island Lighthouse, Ravenel Bridge.

Please click on any image for a larger version or check out my galleries for these and many additional images: Boone Hall Plantation, Angel Oak Tree, Morris Island Lighthouse, Ravenel Bridge, and Charleston, SC.

After this long day, we decided to take a day off! My two friends are not retired like me so they needed a break!

The next day we were back at it very early at the Folly Beach Pier, the start of Day 3 and my next blog post!

That is all for now!


Lynn Wiezycki

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