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Portland Head Light – Cape Elizabeth, Maine – Part 1 – 2021

I have visited Maine in August and September so this was the year to try it in October. We flew into Portland and loaded up the SUV with our luggage. We went looking for some lobster rolls and that proved to be a bit of a challenge (they were out of lobster (what?) or too full of people). So we decided to start …

our drive to Bar Harbor by going to the iconic Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth!

Some Wikipedia Details

Portland Head Light is a historic lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The light station sits on a head of land at the entrance of the primary shipping channel into Portland Harbor, which is within Casco Bay in the Gulf of Maine. Completed in 1791, it is the oldest lighthouse in Maine. The light station is automated, and the tower, beacon, and foghorn are maintained by the United States Coast Guard, while the former lighthouse keepers’ house is a maritime museum within Fort Williams Park.

Our Visit

The classic view of Portland Head Light is below. It was taken from the sidewalk that runs along the cliff edge. The day was a bit grey and dreary adding some drama to this iconic location.

I joined a few, OK a bunch of people who went through an opening in the fence along the sidewalk. A couple of my friends were braver than me! The rocks along the Maine coast are very interesting but slippery. I could spend hours just shooting the lines and clefts in these rocks.

I ventured a bit out onto the rocks to get a slightly different and darker shot of the lighthouse. I also, changed the sky in post-processing to give some more interest to the sky.

From here we walked back around toward the lighthouse and we realized there was a food-truck selling lobster rolls!! We were starving so we stopped and ordered the first of many “lobstah rolls” during our week in Maine. Oh! by the way, they were yummy! Mainers just know how to properly cook lobster! They also make a warm version which I had never had before and they were so good!! I was so hungry I forgot to take a photo! Sorry!

While I was waiting for my lobster roll, I ran over to the other view of Portland Head Light. You have to walk over a hill and down a steep path on the other side (which means walking back up it) so not everyone goes over there!

But I knew from a previous visit that this would be a good shot!

Seeing all the colorful wildflowers that were covering the cliffs I just had to get a shot featuring those flowers!

We finished up our Lobster Rolls, I took one last shot of the pretty purple flowers and then we loaded back up into the SUV. We got back on the road to what would be a very busy and fruitful week in Maine. Oh yes! And many more lobstah rolls!

Some color on this somewhat dreary day!

I highly recommend a visit to Portland Head Light! It is one of the many lighthouses along the Maine coast but it is one of the most picturesque!

For more information on Portland Head Light please visit their website.

Please click on an image for a larger version or visit my Portland Head Light gallery for these and additional images.

My next post will be a small part of our first day in Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park! I am not sure how we did it, but we managed to get to 8 places in one day! We started out at one of my favorite places in Acadia National Park, Eagle Lake!

That is all for now!


Lynn Wiezycki

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