After a quick lunch and some image-making of produce at Wagners Farmers Market, we drove over to San Ysidro Church…

one of my favorite places to visit in Corrales.

From Wikipedia:

San Ysidro Church is a historic church on Church Road in Corrales, New Mexico. It was erected in 1868 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

It is the second of three churches named after Saint Isidore (Ysidro), the patron saint of farmers. It is a one-story adobe church with towers added in 1929

Our Visit:

During the annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta the church always has an art show in the chapel. The artwork is diverse and beautiful but I was interested in the artwork I could create in and around the church and cemetery.

The interior is very dark and this year they had not set up up any decorative displays as they had last year. So I decided to concentrate on the area around the church and the cemetery.

The cemetery is very old and has some very ornate decorations but I am always on the lookout for a couple of inhabitants that have not disappointed every time we have been here.

There is a pair of Roadrunners that make their home in and around the cemetery. They appear to be pretty drab but on closer view they are quite colorful!

We followed them around the cemetery until they literally ran down a dirt road that runs along the fence around the cemetery.

Upon going back toward our vehicle, I realized I had dropped my set of keys somewhere! We searched the grounds for several minutes and then as I was getting very frustrated, found them in the back of the vehicle amongst the photo gear! That was a relief!

I then decided to take a quick walk around the church to see if I could find anything else that was interesting.

The adobe, which the congregation reapplies periodically, by hand, is the predominate color. So more of that tan color started to draw my eye!

There was a cotton wood tree (I think that is what it was)… that had some dead leaves hanging from some of the branches. I thought these made an interesting monotone image against the adobe walls.

I then looked for more brown leaves against different backgrounds. I moved about with my camera to my eye and found these!

I made all of these images within 10 feet of each other!

As I walked away from my tree of leaves I noticed the shadow and the cracks on the sidewalk.

I decided this one needed to be Black & White so it was all about the lines!

We loaded up and headed over to the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park and later we had dinner at the famous Range Cafe in Bernalillo.

When you are in Albuquerque I recommend you make a visit to San Ysidro Church. It is a very beautiful historic chapel.

For larger versions of these images and additional images, please click any image or visit my Gallery.

My next post will be on several quick stops we made in the area, starting with a trip down some metal stairs to the Jemez River flowing below our mountain house!

That is all for now.


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