I was watching a KelbyOne class on Lightpainting by one of my favorite photographers, Dave Black, a while back.  This class was about lightpainting big things like landscapes.   One of the venues that Dave shot in the class was Schwabacher Landing in the Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.   When we were planning our trip to Yellowstone/Tetons I included this location on my list of must sees!

Tetons reflection

This is a great location for panoramas!   The above panorama was 11 images taken in portrait mode and sewn together in Photoshop!


Schwabacher Landing is a boat landing located a few miles south of Snake River Overlook, along the east shore of the Snake River in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, U.S.. The boat landing is located off the combined U.S. Route 26/89/187, 5 miles (16 km) north of the park’s main headquarters at Moose, Wyoming. The landing is accessed via a dirt road immediately north of Moose and is impassable in the winter. Fishermen, canoeists and rafters use the landing to gain access to the Snake River, and it is one of four locations in Grand Teton National Park where the river is easily accessed. Wildlife including moose, pronghorn, mule deer and bald eagles are commonly seen in the immediate vicinity of the landing. Above the landing, along the main highway, some of the finest vistas of the Teton Range, are available and a number of excellent images have been painted and photographed from that vantage point. Privately owned tour companies provide guided fishing and rafting trips commencing from the landing, and the immediate area is a popular spot for wedding parties/

Schwabacher Landing has smooth water for a reflection of the Tetons and is framed by those gorgeous green pine trees.

Infrared – 590nm Filter Converted Camera

I found out that the smoke & haze we dealt with the whole week was virtually eliminated when using my infrared converted camera!

Infrared converted to B&W



I not only tried different cameras, I also changed lens to get a different perspective.

There were not as many people at this spot as at some of the other well known areas but there were still a few coming and going as we moved about the area.  I highly recommend this location for a great view of the Teton Mountains.

Check out the National Park website for more info on Schwabacher Landing.

Please visit my gallery for these and additional images!

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