It is best to start a week long Yellowstone-Grand Tetons trip at a good & sturdy base and so we rented a house in Tetonia, ID to be our home while we explored the wilds of Yellowstone National Park, Grand Tetons National Park and parts of Idaho and Montana!

This was one heck of a base!   Brand new, multiple bedrooms and baths (could sleep 12), hot tubs, big modern kitchen and a great view from the back porch!


The house was surrounded by hay fields and cattle pastures.  I found flowers, grasses and birds all around the area.   There was a small pond that birds were attracted to as well.

As soon as I could unpack my camera gear I went out to explore around the house.

Thistles in the yard!

I found thistles in full bloom and bees buzzing about.

Bee on thistle

There were grasses, including clover in bloom.

Clover flower

The most amazing thing was the view from the back porch.   Part of the Teton Range was right there.   The only bad part of this whole trip was the smokey haze that was pretty much everywhere most of the week!   There were wildfires in Canada & Idaho that were covering the area in smoke no matter which way the wind blew!   We did get some clearer days and areas but the haze was a problem all week.  The haze can give some amazing sunrises and sunsets if it is not too thick and heavy clouds are not also obscuring the view.  So we worked with what we were given throughout the Yellowstone-Grand Tetons.


Morning view from the Back Porch!

Morning view from the back porch!


Everyday we got up from our comfortable beds and drove to Yellowstone-Grand Teton.  We packed lunch, water & snacks (thank you Dani) so we could stay on the road and get to as many points of interest as we could each day.   Many of the nights we dragged ourselves out of the vehicles after 10pm into the house and still just had to get those laptops out and download our images to see what we captured that day!

So that comfortable home away from home was set!

AD Wheeler, Greg Croasdill and Mary P Roberts are my traveling photog buddies and Dani was our resident artist and lunch creator!~   We love you Dani!  She is getting pretty good with her camera as well!

Next time in Part 2, we will start our adventures, a bit closer to the Grand Tetons!

Please visit my gallery for these and additional images from around the house in Tetonia.

That is all for now!



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