Gainesville, Florida is known for the University of Florida but just over on the west side of I-75 is the beautiful Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.  I had visited these gardens years ago so it was time to check it out again.

Here are some Wikipedia details:

The Kanapaha Botanical Gardens (62 acres, 25 hectares) is a botanical garden in Gainesville, Florida, operated by the North Florida Botanical Society. The name comes from nearby Lake Kanapaha. The gardens were established in 1978 when the society leased 33 acres (13.4 hectares) for a public botanical garden. Another 29 acres (11.7 hectares) were added in 1982. The gardens opened to the public in 1986.

As of 2005, the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens contain Florida’s largest public bamboo gardens and the largest herb garden in the Southeast.

Morning Glory

There are many different areas with long paths winding throughout.   I wandered down path after path.

Along the Path

This gardens is known for their many types of bamboo and I saw many stands of it scattered about the gardens.

Bamboo stand

Kanapaha Botanical Gardens includes water gardens where I found more Water Lilies, which I love.

Water Lily with Dragonfly

There were mounds of papyrus along the waterway.


There was a large bed of Horsetail Ferns along the fence bordering the stream.
The lily section was pretty much done for the season but there were still a few left to see.   I will need to run up there a bit earlier next year.
I saw a few anoles which are very prevalent in Florida.  They are found on various types of plants and sometimes match the background.

Anole on a Prickly Perch

This one is trying to match the green!

Trying to blend in

The ferns were coming back from their winter dormancy.  The leaves were unfurling as the Florida rains had finally started.

Unfurling Fern

I love the lines of some plants and Kanapaha Botanical Gardens has plenty of plants that could satisfy my lines passion!

Palm Lines

The lines of leaves & on leaves draw my eye every time and add a little backlighting and I am on it!

Leaf Lines

And of course I had plenty of trees to use my infrared branch seeking method on!

Lovely Limbs

Here are a few colorful flowers I found about the gardens.
One more lily to brighten up your day!
One of the sections that was not in bloom is one of their most popular…the camellia’s bloom in the winter here so that is another section I need to come back for at another time,
If you are in the Gainesville area I would highly recommend a stop at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.   Check out there website for details and upcoming events.
Please visit my gallery to see these and additional images from my visit to the gardens.
That is all for now!

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