When a place is mostly green trees and plants it a great place for infrared photography.   Gardens and infrared were made for each other.  Leu Gardens infrared just had to be done!  My last post on Leu Gardens was full of colorful flowers.   Part 2 will be more about shapes and contrasts.   But with my super color converted infrared camera there will still be some color!

Bamboo was growing in large clumps in one section of the gardens.   The contrasting sections and the different shades of green make a great B&W image from the original infrared.


I went wide to show the contrasting types of growth on each side of this long walkway.   Farther down there were a couple of benches on each side of a clearing and then even farther there was one of the many gazebos they have placed about the gardens.

Down the walkway!

The dinosaurs exhibited looked pretty cool in infrared as well.   This is a great method for getting texture to be more prominent.

Watch our for those big teeth!

This scene was one of the venues for weddings.  Those are roses & fountains that are surrounding the large plaza.  I shot all of these images in the middle of the day when the lighting can be harsh.  Infrared is a great way to keep shooting when normal photography does not make sense!

Rose Garden Plaza

My favorite infrared subjects are trees.   Because the leaves are white or light, the trunks and branches are much more prominent.  So Leu Gardens infrared had to include some of the beautiful trees that are all over the gardens.

Arching Trees

This tree was in the “Street Trees”area.  I have never seen that designation at a botanical gardens before.  I thought that was an interesting way to differentiate the trees!

Trunks & Branches!

If you are in the Orlando area, I highly recommend this beautiful gardens!   Check out their website for more details.  See my Part 1 post for all the color images!

For more information on Infrared photography see my previous Travel Photography Tips post.

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