Near Nelson NV there is a ghost town from the days of the El Dorado mine, in the Eldorado Canyon.     The actual town is Techatticup.   It was established in 1861.   The town is now privately owned by Tony & Bobbie Werly.  It is an historical landmark that is

full of old buildings, rusting vehicles, antiques and interesting items.   After the manager gave us a talk about Rattle Snakes (did not see any) and Cholla Cactus (Jumping Cactus- if a single needle touches anything, multiple needles will “jump” and attach to whatever is touching it & then make their way into flesh!).  They are many of those around!

The Barn


Chollo Cactus “Jumping Cactus”

This place is a photographer’s paradise, so it has been used for many movies, tv shows & model shoots.   The day we were visiting there were several photographers working the many scenes available.


Antique cash register



We spent several hours running around the Nelson NV ghost twon and could have spent days!  I used both my DSLR & my Infrared Converted DSLR.   This is a great place for old look photos.

Their classic crashed plane that has been in many movies and shoots!

They let you go into some of the buildings so you can see all the antiques inside.

This interesting place is not far from Las Vegas so it is a popular place to visit by photographers & tourists alike.   I would highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.

That is all for now!

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