Amsterdam is one of those historic European cities that you need to see.  I only had a day to see what I wished I had several days to see!  Next time!

We took a bus from Schipol (airport) to a stop right down from the Van Gogh Museum.    That is a must see place when in Amsterdam!   The other big museum close by is the Rijksmuseum.   This enormous ornate building houses the

works of a number of Dutch & other artists.   This museum has hours of art to see!   The outside pf the museum was so colorful with the spring flowers in bloom!




The canals are everywhere in this city and so are bicycles!



The narrow streets of Amsterdam were full of cool little shops and people.  We walked up & down them looking for the most picturesque views.

The flower mart was my favorite part of the city!  Shop after shop with the beautiful flowers of Holland as well as anything flower related!  I could have spent hours on this one street.


We had some terrific food at a sidewalk cafe and watched the people on the street.

Be sure to spend some time in Amsterdam if you get the opportunity!

For more images of Amsterdam and the Netherlands please click here for the gallery.

That is all for now!


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