My friend & I decided to check out a Civil War Re-enactment this weekend that we had not gone to before and we were not disappointed.    The Battle of Townsend’s Plantation  in…

Mt Dora,  Florida is not as big as some of the other re-enactments in Florida but it had plenty to see & experience.    We always go early to catch the activities that are going on in the camps that each side sets up.

Recruits Wanted

The Confederate camp was nicely spaced out so we were able to take some good images without modern day items interfering.   This group also put on some activities that were reminiscent of those back in the Civil War times.

The Paymaster

The Battle of Townsend’s Plantation is not a re-enactment of a real battle so the Generals can create their own battle plan.  This was actually one of the more interesting ones as they went back and forth several times giving us many opportunities for some great battle images!

First Confederate Volley

Union Unit

They also had several cannons, one of which was a good sized one!   We were able to get some terrific cannon blasts!   Those are always a challenge to catch at the right moment!

One other aspect of this event that the others in Florida don’t have is the fact that this is held on property adjacent to Renninger’s Antiques and Flea Market!   So you can do both while you are there!

We will definitely be going back to Battle of Townsend’s Plantation again!

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