On my way home from Miami a couple of weeks ago I stopped at a place I had visited a few years ago.   Butterfly World …

in Coconut Creek, FL is an adventure in butterflies, birds & flowers!

There are several enclosures that are filled with many species of butterflies and small birds.  You walk amongst the tropical plants while water flows by and mist rises.   The butterflies & birds are going about there daily routines of feeding and flying about.

The photographic opportunities are everywhere so be on the lookout for gorgeous flowers & plants in addition to the butterflies & birds!

This facility is known for their passionflowers.   They have many varieties with many colors.   These are one of the most interesting flowers and most difficult to photograph due to the many structures and depth of the flower.  They have long paths with plant after plant.   This is a favorite plant for several butterflies.  They lay their eggs on the leaves and the larvae/caterpillars eat the leaves at they grow.

Butterfly World also has many species of small birds in many of their enclosures.  They are almost as colorful as their insect neighbors!

This place is a great place for kids and adults to learn about insects, birds and plants.  If you are in South Florida I  highly recommend that you visit!  Check out their website to plan your visit and see upcoming special events.

To see the original images and more please visit the Butterfly World gallery at my Website

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hat is all for now! 

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